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Elise from Austin, TX

Cindy was so knowledgeable and helpful! I've never been able to tell what season people are, much less pick the right colors for myself and Cindy walked me through her process and taught me what she was seeing.  Not only did I get my color palette, but I feel like I know enough now to make better choices even without it on hand.  The whole experience was fun and relaxing and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to treat themselves!

Olga from Temple, TX

It was a great experience having my colors personally matched! I have a different perspective on choosing and buying clothes now. For makeup this is a whole game changer!  It makes it much more enjoyable to shop now.  I'm continuing to learn and to appreciate all the different colors that I'd never imagined fit my skin tone!  So thankful for this wonderful opportunity!

Alicia from Belton, TX

My experience with Cindy was wonderful.  She was very welcoming and kind. I loved how knowledgeable she is about color analysis.  Once she figured out my perfect color palette she showed me how I could use it everyday with my clothes, makeup, even my hair color.  I can't wait to use what I have learned.  I highly recommend!

Tyler from Ft Cavazos

Excellent! Having my color pallet done was quite an eye opener.  I'm all about making a great first impression whether it's professional or casual.  I was surprised to watch how colors and their shades work with my skin tone. I am very pleased with how detailed and patient Cindy was with my questions and training my eyes in what to look for.  She is very passionate and competent in her work. I am more confident in my personal presentation from this experience. Thank you, Cindy!

Denni from Salado, TX

What a fun experience! It was a great confirmation for colors i naturally already gravitate to and love to wear! Plus a couple added surprises on colors and shades that I hadn't ever thought I could wear! Cindy was super fun and made the experience easy and enjoyable.  If you haven't tried it, DO IT! It's worth every penny! Treat yourself! ;)

Kaylee from Ft Cavazos

We loved getting to spend our time with Cindy! She first began with sharing a little bit about color analysis and then moved into the analysis. She is knowledgeable, skilled, and affirming! Cindy was detailed and thorough and was happy to answer any questions we had during the analysis. Her expertise helps her clients make choices that will make them feel their most confident. Already recommending to our family and friends!
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