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Finding your Color Harmony is the goal of a Personal Color Analyst

"Color Harmony presents itself as one unified whole."
                          - Kathryn Kalisz

CEO & Founder of SCI/art

Master Colorist

Developer of 12 tone color analysis

A Bit About Our Method


Color Composure is certified by True Colour International and uses the 12 -tone TCI method to achieve tried and proven results.  Traditionally, color analysis involved only four seasons of color for clients to fall into: two warm seasons (autumn and spring) and two cool (winter and summer).  The issue with the four season theory was that it excluded a great majority of people (about 67%). This group would actually land in neutral zones that lie between the seasons. TCI brings these neutral zones into play!

The TCI method is based on accurately interpreting the Munsell color system. It is executed using calibrated testing drapes, full-spectrum lighting, and of course, in-person observation using the trained eye of the analyst. All of these elements are irreplaceable in this process.

12 tones tci method chart color analysis
personal color analysis client consultation tci

Here is what to expect during your appointment:

When you arrive to the studio we will get to know one another a bit and move into some color theory discussion.  I find laying out some things for you to look for during the analysis makes the whole experience much more engaging and educational.  It will reinforce what we learn as you are then able to process along with me during the analysis.

Moving to the analysis area your shoulders will be draped with a neutral grey cover and a neutral background will be hanging behind you. This will help cancel out any optical illusions caused by other colors that may be in view.  From here the process of using the calibrated drapes will begin and we will observe the effects on your skin, hair, and eyes as we progress.  You will notice some drapes may wash you out, some may cause yellowing or blue under your eyes. Some drapes will absolutely reinforce and complement the strength of your coloring and we will eventually be able to confidently identify where you lie on the 12-tone chart!

You will be given your personal color swatch fan with 65+ colors for you to use as you curate your own wardrobe with authority from now on!  We will go over how to use the fan, do a form of makeup application if chosen, and talk about hair options as well.

What are we measuring?

There are three components of color we are observing continuously:

  • Hue (temperature) - warm, neutral, cool

  • Value (depth) - light, medium, dark

  • Chroma (vividness/saturation) - low (soft), medium, high (intense)

Benefits of a Personal Color Analysis

As mentioned earlier, the goal of Personal Color Analysis is Color Harmony.


Color Harmony brings vitality in many ways. Harmonizing colors intensify and strengthen each other.

Blotches, scars, and other blemishes are always in opposing undertones.  So when we surround ourselves with harmonizing colors, opposing tones lose their strength and are diminished.


Harmonizing colors reinforce our bone structure, bring clarity and radiance to our skin, and the emotional effect this has on us should not be underestimated.


Disharmony causes stress - whether we are aware of it or not, our brains continuously attempt to reconcile visual discord when it comes into view.  So, wearing disharmonious colors adds stress to the viewer and a level of discomfort, feeling like something is "off."  In contrast, seeing someone in harmonizing colors creates a sense of relaxation and delight. The viewer is able to concentrate on the harmonious person since the brain is not working in the background trying to make the colors work - instead they are pleasing to take in. 


Let your wardrobe come to you!  Not change you.

Personally this really can be a life-changing experience.  Hearing words describing your tones and how others experience you can create a vulnerable feeling but hopefully also a secure thankfulness as it is confirmed.  As you are handed your color swatch I do hope that you are excited about how you were designed. 

You are your colors on purpose.

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